May 8

“How to get an Attorney to Accept your Small Personal Injury Case” in Kane County, Illinois

Recently, I read an article in the Kane County Chronicle written by an attorney on “How to get an Attorney to Accept your Small Personal Injury Case.” In the article, the attorney stated that soft tissue injury cases (i.e. whiplash cases) were frequently “rejected” by Kane County personal injury attorneys because they were “too small” and “not worth it.” He went onto say that he will accept small personal injury cases if the client does most of the work first, i.e. by bringing the medical records and bills to him to review.

I respectfully disagree with this approach.

The Kane County personal injury attorneys of Argento Law Group, P.C. represent clients in all levels of injury – from small “whiplash” cases – to massive injury cases that end in death. Each client is afforded the same professional care and service – regardless of the “size” of their case.

At our firm, all new personal injury clients receive a free consultation. We review the paperwork they have (i.e. crash report, ER report) and determine what paperwork we need to obtain (i.e. medical records and bills). Our office pays for the cost of the medical records, the bills, and any other documentation needed to prove up the client’s case. Our philosophy is that the client has already been through enough (i.e. an injury!) and that they are hiring our firm to provide them with a professional service. Asking a client to gather their own medical records and bills for us to perform a service for them (that we get PAID for) is like asking a customer at a Jiffy Lube to bring their own oil in order for their car to be serviced.

As attorneys, we are in the business of making money – but we are also in the business of helping people. Our professional and competent staff at Argento Law Group, P.C. makes sure that all of our Kane County personal injury clients receive the creme de la creme of legal representation – and that doesn’t mean making them do our work for us!

I also respectfully disagree with the Kane County Chronicle’s editorial in saying that smaller personal injury cases have no financial benefit to the practitioners handling them. Dollar for dollar, our firm receives a strong financial return on all of our personal injury cases – including the smaller ones.

If you have been injured in a “small” personal injury case in Kane County, and want top notch legal representation right in your own backyard, please call our office at (847) 628-8305 or email us at No upfront work on your part will be required; your consultation will be free; and you’ll pay nothing unless we recover on your behalf.