May 6

Urinary Tract Infection Problem at Nursing Home

Q: I live in a nursing home i got an infection in feeding tube because no one wanted to cleaned for days, i was with a lot pain in my bladder and burning sensation to peeing i begged the nurse to do a urine culture after 4 days i asked for the results and the nurses told me you don’t have any infection just drink more water, after 2 weeks suffering in pain i can’t even stand up from my bed and the pain got worse to my left kidney and was crying and they just want to give me ibuprofen and i ask the to do another urine culture after 4 days the nurse told now yes you have an infection and after i asked them for the copies o found out that the nurses lied to me with the first urine culture i had the infection and the doctor sent a prescription medicine and the nurses never gave to me. Do I have a nursing home abuse and neglect complaint?

A:Based upon the information you provided, you can file a complaint against the nursing home for violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act (“Care Act”). The Care Act is a special law designed to protect nursing home residents – just like you. Under the Care Act, nursing home residents have a “bill of rights” that the nursing home must abide by to remain in business in Illinois. The nursing home “bill of rights” specifically states that nursing home residents shall be free from abuse OR neglect by the facility.

My heart truly goes out to you because it seems that the nursing home both abused and neglected you in failing to treat the infection – and completely failed to respond to your requests for care! You deserve a top notch Illinois nursing home rights’ attorney that can make sure you get justice against the nursing home. A seasoned Illinois nursing home rights’ attorney will make sure to do a thorough investigation into your care and treatment at the facility. They will also file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health to make sure what happened to you – doesn’t happen to other residents. A good nursing home attorney can also help guide you in a transition into a new facility (which can be challenging if you are on public aid or Medicare).

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