Estate Planning, Probate & Guardianship

What is an “Estate Plan?”
An “Estate Plan” is the creation of documents, such as a will or trust, which tell your heirs how you want your property distributed at the time of your death. “Estate Planning” can also include the drafting of powers of attorney for healthcare and property, special needs trusts, pre-marital agreements or “Pre-Nups” and planning for physical or mental incapacity.

Estate planning is serious business. One wrong word or missing signature can change the entire intent of a will or trust. The failure to prepare an estate plan can also lead to a lot of disharmony and arguments among your family after you pass about how your assets should be distributed. Also, if you have certain feelings about when life support should be terminated or donating your organs, you need to make that crystal clear to your family members in an executed document.

What is “Probate?”
“Probate” is a process that proves the will of a deceased person is valid, so their property can in due course be retitled or transferred to beneficiaries of the will. “Probate” also means that you have to go to Court. Our attorneys provide options for “avoiding probate” – if possible.

What is an “Inheritance Dispute” or “Will Contest?”
If you were supposed to receive property from a deceased loved one, and then didn’t, you may have an inheritance dispute or will contest case.

Our inheritance dispute attorneys can have assets belonging to a decedent’s estate brought to court so that a judge can fairly divide the property in accordance with the decedent’s estate plan. Our estate lawyers can also pursue a complaint against any individuals who intentionally interfered with your inheritance expectancy. A loved one’s wishes should be honored in death. We can help you to recover and distribute assets as the decedent wanted. We may even be able to help you to recover additional damages. The time limitation to bring these types of claims is very short. Please contact our office immediately to discuss your options.

What is a “Guardianship?”
A “Guardian” is a person who has been appointed by a Court to care for the healthcare, personal needs and property of another person because that person is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to infancy (a minor), incapacity or disability. As a guardian, you will be able to make healthcare decisions for your loved one and manage their finances. A guardian essentially “steps” into the shoes of the disabled or incapacitated individual and makes the choices for them that they can no longer make for themselves. If you feel that a loved one may suffer harm if you are not appointed to take care of their needs, pursuing a guardianship may be the right choice for you and your family.

Many times, our office is contacted by a person who is fighting against an unwanted guardianship! If you are the target of an unwanted guardianship, our guardianship attorneys can fight for your interests in court and help you to maintain your freedom and independence.

How much does an attorney cost?
Each person’s case is unique and therefore the cost for each estate, probate or guardianship issue is different. For this reason, your initial consultation with one of our attorneys is always free. We will review the facts of your situation and provide you with a quote for the cost of the service. Since your first meeting costs you nothing, you really have nothing to lose in scheduling a consultation with one of our legal professionals.

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